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Owners Pride Ceramic Coating 7yr

Owners Pride chemically bonds to your car's clear coat and protects surfaces by repelling water, dirt and is chemical resistant to calcium chloride.   Call for pricing.

Detail Deluxe
inside Clean.jpg

Revive uses the latest equipment and techniques to deep clean and protect the carpets, seats and interior of your vehicle.

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Exotic Detailing

Don’t trust your exotic to just any detailer – trust the exotic detail specialists at Revive!

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Paint Correction

Power Polishing (Paint Correction) is a process that removes swirl marks and scratches from your cars paint. Can be caused by simply washing your car.   Call for pricing.


Involves body washing, clay bar polishes and sealants.
Nothing but the finest sourced products used in all exterior applications.  
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Paint Protection Film

Retains the original look of your vehicle.Protects against materials such as rock chips, salt, sand and paint scuffs.  Call for Pricing.

Headlight Restoration
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We revive dull and faded headlights with a guaranteed long lasting and like new results.

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RV Detailing and Coating

Let us show you how beautiful your home away from home can look on the open road.

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Boat Detailing and Coating

Give your boat that like new gleam and keep it protected on the trailer or in the water.

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